November News

PAX Unplugged Update

Well, we want to get this bummer out of the way at the top. Due to some unexpectedly low inventory, we've made the tough decision not to have a Rose Gauntlet booth at this year's show. Isaac will still be attending the show, taking meetings, and all that jazz, but no booth this time around. We wish we could still set up shop and just hang out with everyone, but you know, money...

So instead, we'll be putting our full focus into next year's shows, where we're expecting to have lots more to check out and take home from Rose Gauntlet Entertainment.


Early Notice on Our Holiday Sale

*Beep beep* holiday savings coming through...

If we can't bring the games to PAXU, we've decided to make it easy and bring them to you directly. And just like that sweet, sweet no-shipping-required when you pick up at the event, we've decided to drop the shipping cost and add on a delightful, never-seen-before discount on deluxe copies of Keystone: North America!

That's right, starting right now, you can order new copies of Keystone: North America Deluxe edition on our site with FREE shipping and at a new low, low price of $50 (wait, am I reading that right? Are we even going to make money on this? Guys?!).

With standard copies all sold out, we wanted to get our deluxe pricing down as low as possible so you can get the same great game, at *almost* the same price, with some extra goodies that only the deluxe version can offer (have you seen that neoprene mat and those seasonal game boards?).


In Case You Missed It: Wild Gardens Project Update

Chestnut Suffing anyone?

If you didn't get a chance to check out the November project update on Backerkit, it's double trouble this month as we check-in on pre-production status and dish on a favorite family recipe that gives you all those fall feels.

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A couple months back we were thrilled to announce the launch of the Rose Gauntlet Foundation [read here]. Since then, we've been busy nominating and organizing board members, planning events, and driving steady towards our donation goals.

We'll continue to share tiny updates about the foundation here moving forward, but for the real meat and potatoes of what's happening, like exciting progress updates, what's next from the foundation team, and how you can get involved, be sure to subscribe to the foundation mailing list here.

Want to learn more about the Rose Gauntlet Foundation? Click here.



If you've read all the way down here, then wow that's pretty cool. Thanks for your support and if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to reach out to us, please don't hesitate to email or message us on our socials! 

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