Life After Dungeon

Artwork by Alyssa Menold

The battle is over. The journey is done. Yet the adventure continues. Step into the world of After, and rediscover what you left behind.

This will be Lindsey and Isaac’s first design collaboration and they are incredibly excited to share the strange and wonderful world of Life After Dungeon with you. In Life After Dungeon players will be thrown into the world of After, a chaotic afterlife for adventurers who have lost pieces of who they once were. There players will experience touching and action-packed stories that will reveal the secrets behind the lives their heroes lived.  

In Life After Dungeon, we hope to explore ideas about what makes a life meaningful, how the relationships we build affect us, the scars that follow us throughout our lives, and what is truly important when we look back on the lives we've lived. We cannot wait for this one to hit your tables, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure it’s epic when it does!

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