About Us

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Our Story

Rose Gauntlet Entertainment is a tabletop game publisher founded in 2020 by seasoned designers Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode. The company is dedicated to crafting amazing worlds, telling memorable stories, promoting diversity in gaming, and giving back to future generations of gamers and creatives. With a focus on designer passion, Rose Gauntlet ensures that each game selected for publication provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that players will cherish. As the company expands, it aims to create a friendly, inclusive, and innovative atmosphere where people can connect through their love for gaming. Come join the journey and immerse yourself in fresh tales and exciting new realms through the joy and excitement of gaming!


Our Core Values

Games are for Everyone

We believe games are for everyone and that their greatest purpose is to bring people together. We aim to make our games an enjoyable experience that reflects the diverse community that plays them. 

Strive to Build Community

We believe that community is the beating heart that keeps our company thriving. We are dedicated to creating a place of respect where community can grow, to listen to the feedback of our fans, and to leave a lasting positive impact on our industry.

Our Hearts are In Our Stories

We believe that every game can tell a story, and within those stories we have a chance to reveal our hearts. We aim to only move forward with projects that embody a deeper meaning. Stories that say something about who we are, what we believe in, and serve as a moment to truly connect with our community.


We believe in the resilience of ourselves and our team. When things go wrong, we don’t give up or waste our time with blame. Instead, we focus on the solution and never stop moving forward. We stand up for what we believe in, our community, and one another.


Our Team

Isaac Vega


Isaac Vega has been designing board games for over 10 years. Over that period, he has sold over 500,000 copies of his games worldwide and won numerous industry awards for his work. His career has fostered a love and reverence for the tabletop industry, and he is excited to give back through Rose Gauntlet. Isaac knows the impact games can have on others and builds his creative worlds to reflect a diverse community and focuses on the underlying themes that tie us all together. He’s excited to have the freedom to explore new entertainment mediums and discover new creative talent. He hopes to use Rose Gauntlet Entertainment to leave a lasting positive impact on the gaming community he loves and pay tribute to an industry that has given him so much.  

Lindsey Rode


Seven years ago, Lindsey made the move from a successful culinary career to full time game designer. Since that time, she has written and designed for multiple popular board and role-playing games and has published two successful solo designs of her own. Lindsey has a deep passion for world building and storytelling and loves crafting the vibrant worlds of Rose Gauntlet. Being a little girl who sought out female heroes beyond princesses, she appreciates the power that diverse themes and characters can have on others. Through Rose Gauntlet she hopes to help gamers gain new perspectives and understanding through her stories and become inspired to tell their own.