Gone to Gaia

Artwork by Erik Ly

In addition to board games Rose Gauntlet Entertainment also develops video games! Our first digital project is called Gone to Gaia, which will be Isaac Vega’s first leap into digital game design. In Gone to Gaia, the player takes on the role of three characters who must venture through the Tide, a strange poisonous fog that has enveloped most of the world. To help quell the Tide, and ensure it does not rise further, the heroes, protected by powerful suits, must venture towards Gaia. A strange alien like deity that appears in random locations within the Tide.

Gone to Gaia is a roguelike adventure deck building card game where players must use a combination of cards, character abilities, and items to venture through procedurally generated paths. These paths are full of monsters, strange relics, and undiscovered anomalies hidden within the Tide. Players who are skilled enough will be able to reach Gaia and help their civilization solve the mystery behind their dying world.

With Gone to Gaia Isaac hopes to bring his own twist to the roguelike genre. We are incredibly excited about the project and cannot wait to share more about its development soon. 

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