Keystone: North America

Artwork by Irem ErbilirYan TambaPatricia Casarrubios, & Alyssa Menold

**2nd Edition and Coastal Expansion Coming Soon**

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Keystone: North America

Keystone: North America Deluxe Edition

We are excited to bring to your table this beautiful, easy to learn, brain burning strategy game designed by Jeffrey Joyce and Isaac Vega. Keystone: North America seeks to share the passion for wildlife and conservation biology held by its co-designer Jeffrey Joyce. His belief in teaching conservation through play and a love of designing games comes through in this clever game of animal habitat building. 

Explore the beauty of North America's Wildlife!

In Keystone: North America, you and your friends will take on the role of biologists and work to build an interconnected ecosystem through the careful placement of cards. Use skills, introduce important Keystone animals, and perform wildlife research to maximize your points.

Introduce important species into your ecosystem

Species Cards

Every North American species has specific habitats where they thrive. When introducing a species to your player board, you'll want to chain these habitats, horizontally or vertically, with other species that share the same habitat. This will create healthier ecosystems which are worth more points when scoring.

Complete Secret Objectives to increase your score

Secret Objective Cards

Secret Objectives have seasonal patterns that can add big points to your score at the end of the game. Finding and placing species cards with the required seasons won't be easy, but the extra points you gain often pay off!

Wild cards help to bridge the gaps within your ecosystem

Wild Cards

Sometimes finding the perfect species to complete your ecosystem can be difficult. Wild cards can be bought with synergy tokens and help to fill in those gaps to provide alternative openings to help score victory point combos!

Use Skills to research the species in your ecosystem

Skill Tokens

Use your skills as a biologist to perform research on the different species found within your ecosystem, seek additional species in areas outside the field, and secure synergy that will open up even more options to claim victory points.

Beautiful nature inspired component design

Game Tokens

From the beautiful card art to the design of the game's tokens, every detail of the game is meant to inspire the feeling of nature and biology.


Experience a narrative campaign that spans North America 

Field Journal for Solo or Co-op Campaign Play

Keystone: North America offers multiple ways to play! Go head-to-head against your friends in multiplayer and see who can build the healthiest ecosystem. Or experience a narrative adventure that will take you on a journey across North America with the Field Journal. This fully illustrated book contains a solo or co-op campaign where you will solve puzzles, learn about amazing animals, and explore the different ecosystems that make up North America.

Discover many different species found within North America

Keystone: North America
features over 60 unique animal and plant species cards to inspire everyone to learn more about these amazing creatures.


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