Keystone: North America

Artwork by Irem Erbilir and Yan Tamba

Later this year we will be debuting Keystone: North America on Kickstarter as our first release. We are excited to bring to your table this beautiful, easy to learn, brain burning strategy game designed by Jeffery Joyce and Isaac Vega. Players take on the role of a biologist and will work to build an interconnected ecosystem through careful placement of cards and mindful planning of actions.

Keystone: North America seeks to share the deep passion for wildlife and conservation biology held by its co-designer Jeffery Joyce. His passion for teaching conservation through play and a love of designing games convinced us that Keystone is the perfect game for our first release. Together the three of us are incredibly excited to bring this fun and beautify illustrated game to life and hope you will support it on Kickstarter when it releases later this year.

Supporting Keystone: North America is the first step to helping Rose Gauntlet Entertainment create its ambitious line up of games. So, if there are any other upcoming games that you are excited about, please consider supporting Keystone as well as it will help all future projects reach their full potential.

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