Rose Gauntlet Foundation

Mission Statement

The Rose Gauntlet Foundation aims to provide a platform that grants access to education, networking, and resources for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the tabletop gaming industry. We are committed to promoting diversity and equity in the gaming community by supporting and amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups.

About Us

The Rose Gauntlet Foundation was founded with the desire to meet and support more underrepresented individuals like us in the tabletop gaming industry. Its origins began when Isaac Vega reached out to other LGBTQ+ individuals working in the industry in 2017 to meet over dinner. The event was started with just a small group of 4, but quickly grew each year, eventually earning it's name, "Big Gay Dinner." 

When Lindsey and Isaac started Rose Gauntlet, they wanted a way to continue this tradition and expand it to others who did not have the means or connections to meet others who where trying to form bonds in this industry with other underrepresented groups. 

In 2022 Rose Gauntlet expanded it's efforts by hosting the BIPOC Lounge at Gen Con, widening the scope of our mission. With its success, we found ourself now being reached out to by many other conventions and companies looking to support our efforts. To better handle the growing desire for more events and spaces to be created across the industry, we decided to start a Non Profit. 

Now in 2023, after much research and organization, we have officially started the Rose Gauntlet Foundation, a home for these events that are helping underrepresented groups within the tabletop games industry find community, resources and opportunities to grow and feel welcome. 

Basic Programs and Funding

The foundation offers various programs to support our mission:

  • Game Changers: This program focuses on providing women in games with resources and networking opportunities within the tabletop games industry. Our first Game Changers took place during Origins in 2023 to great success and with over 30 women in attendance.

  • BIPOC Lounge: In 2022 we hosted a deluxe and welcoming safe space at GenCon, the largest gaming convention in the United States, where BIPOC tabletop industry professionals and gamers can commune, share information, and access resources during the course of the 4 day event. Because of its success, we have been invited back by Gen Con to host in 2023 and are excited to keep it as a long standing tradition. 

  • Big Gay Dinner: This event caters to the LGBTQIA+ community, providing similar resources and safe spaces during PAX Unplugged. In 2022 we had over 60 LGBT+ professionals in attendance. We look forward to seeing this event grow even more in 2023. 

These programs are made possible through donations provided by established companies within the Tabletop Games Industry, as well as individuals who support our efforts to expand diversity within the industry. We are dedicated to creating a more inclusive community by promoting and supporting the voices of underrepresented groups, and hope to continue expanding the programs available to see these groups continue to grow and find support in Tabletop Games. 

If you would like to see the Rose Gauntlet Foundation continue to find success and grow please consider donating. Not ready to donate, but want to stay informed? Sign up for our Rose Gauntlet Foundation mailing list here.