October News

A Hauntingly Good Update

While we've been hard at work on fine-tuning every last piece of Wild Gardens, we realized it's been a while since we last updated the ol' project tracker. 

So, without further ado -- ta-da! 

A launch date for the Keystone expansion?

Gone to Gaia bumped up the list?!

Pebbles?!?!       What is a Pebbles, precious?

Alright, let's get to it!

Keystone: North America Expansion

Ready for expeditions of the aquatic variety? Get ready for new mechanics, new species, and of course, tons of new field journal adventures with the new Keystone: North America Expansion!

With an expected retail release in Q4 of next year (dang, that's really soon!), you can expect many more details about the expansion and corresponding crowdfunding campaign here in the very near future.


Gone to Gaia

Speaking of soon, this one's comin' at ya much sooner than we anticipated. This is thanks to in large part to making the decision to transition the roguelike video game experience we initially had planned into what we believe will be a truly incredible tabletop game experience!

Q4 2025 sounds like a long ways away, but this is gonna be an EPIC experience, so it'll require some extra baking to get just right.

Look for more details over the course of the next year as we continue development and prep to announce the crowdfunding campaign.



Hey!? How did you get in here?

We're not ready to talk about you yet -- but we will soon!

Alright, as you can see we've got a pretty hefty schedule in front of us, so I think we've divulged enough for now. Stay connected here and follow us on socials as we roll out the next updates on our latest projects!


PAX Unplugged 2023

Yes -- our team will be returning to Philly from December 1-3 for another awesome year of PAX Unplugged!

We're not quiiiite ready to announce what you can expect from Rose Gauntlet at this year's show, but I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have a surprise or two in store.

We're looking forward to seeing you all there (I mean, we're not gonna see everyone, obviously, that would be insane -- but we can try?)!


Let's Talk -- Business?

Product viability (bleh), financials (yuck), practicality (are you pranking me? Is this like a Halloween prank? Is that a thing?).

The latest edition of our Unscripted blog finds Isaac and Lindsey delving into every game designer's favorite topic -- the business of board gaming.

For real though, this was a fun conversation as we looked at the reality of managing the creative side of game development with the very real financial conversations every publisher needs to have to keep this thing called a business afloat. Click here to read it now!



If you've read all the way down here, then wow that's pretty cool. Thanks for your support and if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to reach out to us, please don't hesitate to email contact@rosegauntlet.com or message us on our socials! 

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