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2024 Projects and Beyond

We're expecting a big 2024 here at Rose Gauntlet Entertainment, with Wild Gardens releasing alongside the 2nd Edition of Keystone: North America and the Coastal Expansion. As we look ahead...

"Wait, what? That soon?"

Sorry, I'm being told we have another game releasing in Q3 of this year. Are you sure you don't mean launching? No? Wow, ok, so it seems like our new game Turnip is expected to release at Gen Con. Dang, ok. So, as we look ahead to...

"No. Really? This year?"

I'm now being told we have another game launching later this year. Wow, so as we look ahead and I try to not get stressed about all these projects...

 "C'mon -- you can't be serious? Four!?"

Ok, ok, so apparently it's not just one game launching later this year, but FOUR cleverly titled bird-themed games. You know what, I better just show you the project tracker...

Buckle Up 2024!

Psst... Hey You!

Yea, I'm talking to you. Keep your voice down!

Listen, I probably shouldn't be sharing this, but I may have acquired some sweet sweet early-access Keystone graphics. You interested?

Just keep this on the down-low, alright? Between us friends, right? I'm gonna trust you to not go blabbing this all over town, ok? We cool? Be cool.

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Wild Gardens Update: Fulfillment and the GAMA Expo

If you missed our latest Wild Gardens Backer Update, here are some of the key highlights:

  • Addresses lock on April 15
  • Pre-orders end on April 30
  • Retailer late-pledges end on March 31
  • Shipping has been pushed to June
  • GAMA attendees loved Wild Gardens

Good news? Bad news? Important news? Obviously the big one was shipping being delayed by a month, which we know everyone is bummed about (including us). But on the bright side, June is shaping up to be an epic month for all of us indoors-y types. 

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Infinite Content

What do you look for in coverage of your crowdfunding campaign? How do you measure success? What content types work best?

In the latest edition of our Unscripted blog, Isaac and Lindsey dive into the infinite world of board game content and their creators, wrapping with a very silly discussion comparing keystone species with content types.

Have questions, comments, or other chit-chat for us after reading? Get the discussion going and leave a reply directly on the blog. We read those.

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