June News

Introducing Turnip

You may have learned about it on our social accounts, heard about it on the BGG Podcast, or saw the official BGG page for it, but we're ready to make this thing super official -- our new game Turnip will drop at Gen Con 2024!


Turnip is a gorgeous new bluffing card game for 3-5 players where farming turnips is a serious (and shady) business! Plant your turnip cards honestly (or dishonestly), call "Turn Up!" to try and catch other players in a lie, and vie to have the most turnips in your field before a harvest is declared and those sweet bulbs are sold! 

This game is silly, beautiful, and plays quick and snappy just like we wanted, so we really can't wait to get this into your hands.

Speaking of, Turnip will be coming to retail in September, but we're treating our friends at Gen Con 2024 with early copies for $20! Stop by Rose Gauntlet booth #255 to see the game in action and snag your copy while you can!




BoardGameGeek Gen Con 2024 Preview

We're just a few short weeks away from Gen Con 2024! Next month's newsletter will be focused on all things Gen Con, but for now, you can feast your eyes on our preview page, courtesy of BoardGameGeek. See what we'll have available at the show and maybe show us a little love (those thumbs ups really help!).




The Rose Gauntlet Birds Series

Oh dang, did we just bury the lead?

We're thrilled to announce our next campaign, The Birds Series, featuring not one, but FOUR, that's right I said it, FOUR games will be launching shortly after we return to roost post-Gen Con.

We're not ready to divulge all our secrets quite yet, but we are willing to confirm the following:

  • Are these games bird-themed? Why yes, they are.
  • What type of games are they? We'll have two games inspired by classic card games, along with a dexterity stacking game, and a Frankenstein monster of trick-taking and area control.
  • Will they be beautiful and thematic? Uh, who do you think you're talking to? Of course!
  • Do these games slap? Oh, most definitely.

Stay tuned as we roll out new details over the coming months and sign up for alerts on Backerkit so you don't miss a thing!




If you've read all the way down here, then wow that's pretty cool. Thanks for your support and if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to reach out to us, please don't hesitate to email contact@rosegauntlet.com or message us on socials!

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