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Your Keystone Questions Answered

Since officially announcing Keystone: North America 2nd Edition and the Coastal Expansion, we've seen a lot excitement, interest, and certainly a few questions. Before we answer those questions below, a quick thanks to everyone who's signed up for launch day alerts. Those sign-ups help us a ton with projecting success for the campaign, and as a thank you, we'll be offering a special promo to everyone who subscribes!

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Alright -- on to the Q&A!

Q: Why did player count change from 1-4 to 1-2? I have more than one friend!
 Fair point. We get specific about why we made the change in our latest Unscripted blog [link], but to summarize, the idea was to reduce the price point while still retaining the most widely acclaimed play modes (solo and two-player). We feel really good about where this edition of the game sits, but we understand the desire for a higher play count, so rest assured, we will not be leaving our three and four player friends behind. You can expect the Kickstarter campaign to include upgrade packs for both the core game and expansion, extending player count up to four.

Q: Knock, knock, it's your friend, "the 1st edition buyer" here. I'm perfectly happy with my original version of the game, but would love to add the expansion to my collection. Is my original game compatible with the new expansion?
A: Hi friend! First, let us say we're so grateful that you've been enjoying Keystone since its inception. In short, the answer to your question is yes. In long, when the project launches in April, you'll find we've created a compatibility card pack that upgrades your cards to match the new design included in second edition and the expansion. That's truly all you'll need to incorporate the expansion, but even better, you'll also find a Returning Backers Bundle that will include the pack, expansion, and other goodies at a discounted rate!

Q: New games are cool, but you know what's cooler? New games with free stuff. Any early-bird freebies?!
A: Hard to argue with that logic. We have a particularly adorable first-player token that we're making available to anyone who backs a copy of the core game or expansion in the first 48 hours! Worried about missing that 48 hour window? If you subscribe for launch notifications, we'll give you the token no matter when you back! Procrastination optional.

Q: This all sounds great, I want more details! MUST HAVE MORE DETAILS! 
A: Loving the enthusiasm! So, right now we're looking at a mid-April project launch on Kickstarter, and are currently hard at work on launch page assets to get this thing looking SWEET. Expect much more coverage in the coming newsletters leading up to our April launch date. Until then, check out our pre-launch page here for the latest. New to Keystone: North America? See what others thought of the first edition in our YouTube Video Round-Up!

Whew, that was a lot of words. Here's a well-earned stuffie illustration from the upcoming campaign as a thanks for reading (skimming?). 


Quick Update on Wild Gardens Pre-Orders

For Wild Gardens Backers: If you've already seen the latest update, you know February is a bit of a snooze-fest as we await the end of Chinese New Year celebrations and production ramping back up. Expect a more comprehensive update next month as we check-in on manufacturing. And if you're anxious to know when the pledge manager will close -- we promise, we'll update you well in advance (~2 weeks) before closing.

For Everyone Else: What are you waiting for!? We're still taking pre-orders here, but as mentioned above, once those bad boys are on the boat, the pledge manager will lock tigher than, well, something that locks tight. Don't miss your chance to snag a copy while you still can!

Keystone Design & Dev Insight

Want a little more insight into the design and development decisions around Keystone: North America 2nd Edition and the Coastal Expansion?

In another very special episode of our Unscripted blog, Isaac and Lindsey give a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making new Keystone and what they're most looking forward to players experiencing in the second edition and expansion.

Have more questions for Isaac and Lindsey? Leave a comment on the blog!

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