August News

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What a MONTH!

The red and golden leaves have fallen, Halloween celebrations have passed, and the time for many of our biggest festivities is here! This is a time of year that we love, and we're excited to be able to share it with you as we prepare for the holiday season. In this newsletter we'll be talking about everything we have planned at PAX Unplugged, giving a progress update on the development of Wild Gardens, and revealing our first big Black Friday Sale.

Celebrating the Success of the BIPOC Lounge

Getting to host the BIPOC Lounge at Gen Con 2022 this year was such a special moment for our company. Throughout the weekend there were so many moments of joy, excitement, and friendship that happened in that space. We were lucky enough to have BIPOC designers demo their new games and content creators host meetups with their fans. We also welcomed over 100 attendees for the BIPOC mixer and offered a beautiful area for hundreds more to commune throughout the show. We provided new talent time to receive resources and mentoring from industry veterans. And of course, facilitated tons of gaming with our amazing library of game donations.

Giving back to the community is a big part of our company's core values and we are so appreciative of Gen Con and everyone who participated, donated, and supported the BIPOC Lounge this year. An extra special thanks to our volunteers who worked alongside us the entire show. Without you we would have not been able to provide the amazing experience we were able to achieve. We're passionate about spreading a love of gaming, and spaces like this help more people feel like they belong. We are excited to come back next year and provide even more access to underrepresented groups in our hobby!


Keystone: North America Availability

The reception to Keystone North America continues to blow us away! So many people have reached letting us know that they are enjoying their copies of the game and we couldn't be happier that Keystone is finally out in the world. We even sold out of the standard edition on our website! With the games selling so quickly, we wanted to give you some clarity about where you can still buy copies of the game for you and your friends. Here is a break down:

Standard Edition - These may be sold out on our webstore but don't worry, many will be available soon through your local stores. We have sent a good amount to distribution, which will be available for your local game stores. So, if you're looking for a standard copy, make sure to reach out to your local game store to check their availability. If they don't have the game, they can still place an order from Peachstate Hobby Distribution by Sept 14th. They can also reach out to us at for more information.

Deluxe Edition - Unless your local store backed the Keystone: NA deluxe edition on Kickstarter, these can only be purchased through our webstore and at conventions. Copies are still available and can be purchased here.

Wooden Token Pack & Premium Leather-bound Journal - Similar to the deluxe copies, these accessories can only be purchased through our webstore or a retailer that backed them on Kickstarter. These were created for the Kickstarter, and we currently do not have plans to reprint them when they go out of stock. Supplies are low, so if you'd like either of these accessories now is the time to grab them! You can find them on our webstore here.

We hope that helps answer some availability questions we have received. Thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter, and those of you who are buying the game now. We don't have a ton of copies left so hopefully we will be able to print a 2nd run soon!

Project Acorn Reveal Party at SHUX 2022!

Over the year our team has been hard at work developing our next boardgame and the time to reveal it is almost here. Next month we'll be revealing it's official name, cover, and game details in coordination with SHUX '22!

SHUX has always been one of our favorite conventions of the year and it felt like the perfect place to celebrate and showcase our next game. Isaac and Lindsey will be attending as special guests, hosting panels, running demos of Keystone: North America, and throwing a Rose Gauntlet get together where we will be showing off Project Acorn in person. If your attending, we hope you'll stop by and talk to them about the game and all the other exciting stuff happening at Rose Gauntlet. SHUX '22 is September 30th-October 2nd at the Vancouver Convention Center. Tickets are still available, so make sure to come say hi if you can!

Not going to SHUX, but still want a sneak peek? We're also looking to add playtesters to our team for Project Acorn Phase 2 testing. Some of the perks of being a playtester include getting to see behind the scenes development, art, and snagging a free copy of the game when completing 10 playtest reports! Interested? Sign up here and we'll reach out via email to those who are chosen!

If you've read all the way down here, then wow that's pretty cool. Thanks for your support and if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to reach out to us, please don't hesitate to email or message us on our social pages!

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