September Surprise!

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Announcing Wild Gardens

Say hello to our newest game project Wild Gardens! For the past few months, we've been teasing about code name Project Acorn, and now the time to finally unveil the game is here. We are excited to share more about the game we have been lovingly working on since late last year.

Wild Gardens is a game about the delightful world of foraging! Explore unique paths, discover tasty ingredients, and cook delicious recipes for your marvelous guests. Players will compete for the most victory points in this fun strategy game for 1-4 players.

To bring this game to life, Rose Gauntlet has partnered with BackerKit, where we plan to launch its funding campaign soon. For more previews and details about the game, please check out our Wild Gardens BackerKit Launch Page!

We Appreciate Your Support!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us bring Wild Gardens to this point. We are hard at work with its continued development and are looking forward to sharing full details on its gameplay and components very soon. Until them please stay tuned to our newsletter for more information. If you're excited about the game, please share it with your friends! It helps us spread the word so that we can make sure this project has the support it needs to come to life. Subscribe to Our Mailing List and Join Our Community!

Progress Chart Update

With the announcement of Wild Gardens, it's time to update our Upcoming Projects Progress chart! We have had a lot of headway since the last time we posted. Keystone is now officially out in the world, Wild Garden's is well underway, and Keystone's expansion is right around the corner. We hope you are excited about seeing our company's progress as we continue to bring our dream projects to life! Reminder that this chart represents the current progress of all the projects that Rose Gauntlet is working on. We are a small team, and our focus is always on quality over quantity. Because of this, some project timelines may change between updates. We hope this chart gets you excited for the rest of 2022 and beyond!

Rose Gauntlet at SHUX 2022

Just a quick reminder that the Rose Gauntlet team, Isaac Vega & Lindsey Rode will be at SHUX in just a few days! Sept 30th - Oct 2, 2022. We will be doing panels, handing out prizes, and playing games with as many of you as we can! If you have any questions about our upcoming games please make sure to find us throughout the show. We will be posting more details about the panel times and any meetup times we may have on our twitter account. So make sure to find us there if you want to stay in the loop! Follow us on Twitter.

If you've read all the way down here, then wow that's pretty cool. Thanks for your support and if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to reach out to us, please don't hesitate to email or message us on our social pages!

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