Wild Gardens Media Expansion Pack PREORDER

Wild Gardens Media Expansion Pack PREORDER

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Prepare for an electrifying cast of characters packed into this expansion! 8 beloved personalities from the tabletop world have arrived in Wild Gardens, each bringing their own unique abilities to the table. With 18 brand new cards, including new guests, tantalizing recipes, a new location, and a new solo adventure, the Media Expansion pack is bursting with exciting new content.

New Recipe Cards

8 new recipe cards featuring new ingredients and delightful dishes.

New Guest Cards

8 new guest cards each with their own unique abilities.

New Location Card

Discover a captivating new location and its unique effect.

Includes a New Solo Scenario

Immerse yourself in an exciting new story adventure with a brand-new solo scenario, featuring the guests found in this expansion.

This product is not a complete game. It requires a copy of Wild Gardens to play. For more information on Wild Gardens check out the game page.

This item is a preorder and will not ship until it is available. Estimated release date is August 16th, 2024. See our Shipping Policy for more details.